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Yoko Street is inspired by the charming yokocho, the hidden gems nestled within the bustling side streets of Japan. Yokocho, meaning "side streets" in Japanese, is where you'll find narrow paths brimming with delightful restaurants, mom and pop shops, and traditional izakayas.


Our Mission

We believe that the best food is local, discovered through word of mouth while wandering the side streets. We specialize in delivering healthy Japanese meals prepared fresh, making these culinary experiences accessible to all.

Our Food Philosophy

At Yoko Street, we embody the essence of washoku, the renowned Japanese cuisine known for its health benefits and incredible flavors. Our dishes follow the principle of "Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I," encompassing all the essential elements of a balanced nutrient-rich diet. From phytonutrient-rich pickled vegetables to brain-boosting and immune-supporting fish, our meals promote overall health and well-being.

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