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Hand Roll Sushi Kit

Our Omakase Sushi Hand Roll Kit offers a curated selection of premium ingredients for a delightful at-home sushi experience. Enjoy a variety of hand rolls, expertly crafted with top-quality fish items (cooked), sushi rice, premium nori and other delicious components. 

The key to crafting the finest hand rolls lies in the quality of nori, the dried seaweed, as it's the first thing your tongue encounters, shaping the initial flavor impression. We source nori from Yamamotoyama, a Japanese brand renowned for its 300-year legacy of producing top-quality nori and tea.

What comes in the kit?

Each kit comes with everything needed to make 5 hand rolls, including cooked rice, Yamamotoyama nori seaweed, five different cooked fillings (see below), plus an assortment of toppings (salmon caviar, edamame, tempura crunch, chili spices), and condiments (soy sauce, wasabi). Serves one; add more servings for sharing.

Hand Roll Fillings: Salmon (Teriyaki Ume), Yellowtail (Yuzu Miso), Grilled Scallop and Corn (Soy Sauce Butter), Tofu and Squash, Imitation Crab (White Fish). *all fish and seafood is cooked

Enjoy Sushi Hand Rolls in Minutes

  1. Lay out a sheet of nori seaweed and add a small amount of rice in the center.

  2. Place your choice of fish and other items on the rice.

  3. Drizzle with soy sauce and add wasabi to taste.

  4. Roll into a cone shape and enjoy your hand-rolled sushi!

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