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Nutritious Ramen Fix Every Day of the Week

We've got you covered every day of the (work) week with 5 unique options, including vegan and seasonal choices. Each region in Japan showcases its own take on ramen, and we are excited to bring these experiences right to your table with tonkotsu, miso, and shoyu broths.

Crafted to be better tasting and better for you with protein up to 28g, and if you are worried about sodium in the broth, follow Japanese moms' advice and "sip, don't slurp!"


Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

Region: Fukuoka (South Japan)

Flavor: Savory pork & soy sauce broth

Key Nutrients: Collagen, amino acids

Fun Fact: This savory broth was born when a chef accidentally boiled pork bones a bit too long, giving us the rich and creamy broth we savor today.

Tan Tan Ramen

Region: Yokohama (Near Tokyo)

Flavor: Chili oil, sesame, creamy soy

Key Nutrients: 28g protein

Fun Fact: Tantanmen, is derived from the "dan dan" sound associated with street vendors using carrying poles (dan) to sell this dish in China.

spicy miso ramen image

Spicy Miso Ramen

Region: Hokkaido (North Japan)

Flavor: Spicy miso broth

Nutrients: Probiotics from miso

Fun Fact: Developed post WWII as a nutritious soup to combat malnourishment in Japan.

soy sauce tanmen ramen

Tanmen Ramen (Vegan)

Region: Kanto Region (Tokyo)

Flavor: Umami-rich soy sauce broth

Key Nutrients: 16g of plant protein

Fun Fact: 'tanmen' translates to 'mixed noodles,' reflecting its vibrant medley of seasonal ingredients.

Pork Ramen with Spring Veggies

Region: Hokkaido (North Japan)

Flavor: Spicy miso broth

Nutrients: Probiotics from miso

Fun Fact: In Japan, slurping ramen is not rude, but encouraged! It shows appreciation while cooling the broth.

Ramen Noodle Bundle (8 Pack)

8 servings of signature cooked ramen noodles, individually portioned. Can be frozen for up to three months for convenient cooking and portioning.

From Monday to Sunday, From Miso to Shoyu: Your Week, Your Ramen Adventure.

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