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Spring Veggie Yakisoba with Chicken

Noodles, Chicken, Yellow Pepper, Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, Edamame, Pickled Ginger 

In Japan, Hiroshima and Osaka are renowned for their distinct styles of yakisoba. Yet, this cherished street food is easily found at festivals and food stalls throughout the country, often celebrated during springtime festivities like Sakura season. 

Soft and chewy stir-fried noodles with tender chicken, accompanied by the crispness of yellow pepper, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus. Edamame adds a satisfying texture, balanced by the zesty tang of pickled ginger. The addition of spring veggies like yellow pepper, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus not only adds vibrant color but also provides a range of nutrients, making the dish both flavorful and nutritious.   

Contains: Wheat, Soy. Manufactured on equipment shared with tree nuts, peanut, sesame, wheat, soy, egg, milk, fish, and shellfish.


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