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Grilled Yuzu Miso Salmon

Grilled Salmon, Five-Grain Rice, Veggies, Seaweed Salad 

Grilled miso salmon (or Salmon Yuzu Miso Yaki) uses white miso to marinate and enhance the umami flavors of the fish, preserving it in the process. White miso, known for its mild taste, is particularly favored in the western region of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto).

Salmon with bright, citrusy notes of yuzu and rich umami flavors of miso, served with five-grain rice and chikuzenni, a traditional Japanese side dish of simmered vegetables including potatoes, carrots, lotus root, shiitake and green beans. Accompanied by a refreshing seaweed cucumber salad.

Contains: Sesame, Wheat, Soy, Fish. Manufactured on equipment shared with tree nuts, peanut, sesame, wheat, soy, egg, milk, fish, and shellfish.

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