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Tanmen Ramen (Vegan)

Noodles, Veggie Broth, Stir Fried Cabbage, Corn, Carrot & Green Onion, Chili Spices 

Noodles in a veggie broth with stir-fried cabbage, corn, carrot, green onion, and a touch of chili spices.

Contains: Sesame, Wheat, Soy. Manufactured on equipment shared with tree nuts, peanut, sesame, wheat, soy, egg, milk, fish, and shellfish.

Tanmen has its roots in Chinese cuisine but has been adapted and embraced as a beloved Japanese dish, showcasing the fusion of culinary influences. Tanmen is particularly popular in the Kanto region, with Tokyo being a hub for this unique noodle dish.

Tanmen Ramen Soup label

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